Trusting the Divine Wisdom of Dreams

Carl Jung discovered that all dreams were created by the unconscious mind. This superior mind is what Jung called it. Although he believed it to be God’s mind, he did not believe in religion. He confirmed that all dreams have a symbol meaning. It can be completely different from what they appear to have based upon our conscious logic. In order to know yourself better and own yourself better, you need to know seeing a fox at night meaning

With my work, I proved to the rest of the world that the unconscious mind truly is God’s mind. After seeing the wisdom in the dream messages, I was able to establish a religious belief. This is why I obey the divine guidance given to me in dreams. Jung was not an obedient man. He was open to many things, but not all the messages from his unconscious mind.

I realized I needed to be open-minded and respectful of God’s wisdom. I understood my ignorance. I wasn’t proud to be a scientist. I was an ignorant and simple person.

I discovered the existence of an anti-conscience (an absurd and evil wild conscience) within my brain by following the dreams. This information helped me discover how to cure mental illness by following divine guidance from dreams.

But, many people still believe that dreams are just dreams, meaning that they have little to no importance. These people believe that dreams are created by our imaginations, or that they reflect our fears and desires.

A big obstacle is necessary to show the world that dreams can be very important as they contain divine guidance. Because dreams contain wise messages, they are just as important in daily life as my everyday lives.

This is something that anyone can verify. You can submit a dream for professional translation or you can learn the dream language with my simplifications. But, if they are not aware of the importance and value of dreams, then they may not believe we can interpret them.

Dreams can seem abstract and difficult to comprehend. Complexity is a hallmark of the dream language. It took me two decades of hard work to simplify Carl Jung’s dream interpretation process. Because there were so many details to a dream, this was difficult.

A dream is an image collection. Each dream image must be written down. Then, analyze each detail using the dream language and dream logic to determine its meaning.