Fake Moldavite

Fake moldavite can be difficult to spot. There are so many out there, and some are so cleverly made that it can be hard for anyone to identify the real thing. Two expert moldavite collectors share their advice on how you can spot a fake. You can shop on The Mystical Powers of Moldavite using the links provided in this article. Please check the seller’s information to determine if the pieces are authentic.

How to spot fake stones

1. If they have the same shapes and textures as the images on this site, or look similar to them

2. If they appear all Shiny/Wet looking.

3. Faceted gemstones that do not contain inclusions or bubbles are likely fake. Gemstones that look like glass or appear perfect will have no inclusions or bubbles. All real Faceted Moldavite have bubbles. They can be any size or shape, and they will also contain lechatelierite inclusions (pure quartz – melt quartz).

If you’re still not sure, you can always ask Facebook in different Moldavite Groups. Before you start flooding groups with fake posts, please read the information here.

These were most popular in 2020/2021 and in Pendant form from a handful of companies. They may have mass-produced them using molds. India is also trying out chips, but can’t replicate the texture or other characteristics. TRUSTED SOURCES ARE THE BEST. If the price is low on eBay or etsy, it’s probably a fake. Many sellers charge top dollar $ for these fakes. There are new fakes from India that make different shapes, most likely molds, but do not have the same texture.

IVC decided to stop selling in Thailand because of the excessive number of fake sellers on ebay and other markets from India, China, Hong Kong, India, and Thailand. Fake Moldavite from China and India are flooding the market, with more shapes likely derived from Molds. They are changing the look of the melted glass to a wet or shiny look by using some newer molds and new methods. You can easily tell the difference if your search is specific. Many have the same shapes and are perfect in every size, even bigger than the largest real stones. Take a look at these pieces and compare them with these real Moldavites.